North Peace Housing Foundation

Providing quality affordable housing to the North Peace

Board of Directors

Duties of the Board

The affairs of North Peace Housing Foundation shall be governed by a Board of Directors that shall supervise, control and direct the affairs and business of the Foundation. The Board may adopt such rules and regulations as may be deemed advisable to carry out the purpose of these bylaws and actively pursue the mission and goals of North Peace Housing Foundation.

The Board shall appoint a Chief Administrative Officer, to be known as the Executive Director of the North Peace Housing Foundation, who shall carry out the management of the Foundation.

The Board may delegate to any committee or officer any or all power, duties and authority of the Board, which may be lawfully granted.

The Board may, pursuant to the Alberta Housing Act and any related regulations, enter into agreement with the Province of Alberta - Alberta Seniors and/or other Housing Agencies, to serve as the Management Body responsible for social housing, community housing and other housing programs other than the seniors' lodges, social housing and community housing programs included within Ministerial Order No. H062/95.

The Board shall appoint, according to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Section 89(a), a FOIP Head who shall have the responsibility for ensuring the Foundation remains in compliance with the Act and as well, shall keep the Board informed of any FOIP requests. The FOIP Head will be the Foundation's Executive Director.


The Board shall be comprised of twelve (12) members, one appointed by the council of each participating partner municipality as outlined in Ministerial Order No. H:062/95. The current board members are:

Council Appointed Alternate

Each contracting municipality may appoint an alternate who may attend and represent their council at any meeting of the Board of Directors or Committee of the Board at which their appointed director is not able to attend. When representing a council appointed director at a meeting of the Board or Committee of the Board, an alternate has all rights, responsibilities and privileges of a director.

Term of Office

The term of office for each appointed director,

  1. is for a maximum one (1) year term;
  2. shall commence the day after the appointing member of the management body holds its Annual Organizational Meeting in the year appointed; and
  3. shall end the day after the appointing member of the management body holds its annual organizational meeting in the year the term expires.

Members of the Board may hold consecutive terms of office.

Board Vacancies

The office of a director shall be automatically vacated:

  1. upon provision to the Board by a director of written notice of resignation;
  2. when the appointed director is no longer a member of the appointing council;
  3. when, except for reasons of ill health or other circumstances which are acceptable to the Board, the appointed director is absent from three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the Board or;
  4. if at a special meeting of the Board duly called for just cause, a resolution is passed by a majority of not less than two thirds (2/3) of the full Board, that the director be removed from office, and provided that the appointing member council is given six (6) weeks notice of the Board's desire to remove their appointed director from office.

In the event a director is unable to complete their term of office, the respective member council will appoint a replacement. The newly appointed director shall hold office immediately upon appointment by council and for the duration of the term of appointment of the director being replaced.


Executive Committee

As per organizational zone structure, it was agreed amongst members of each zone, that the following members would comprise the Executive Committee:

  • Cheryl Novak
    Zone 1: Peace River / Nampa / Northern Sunrise County
  • Bob Regal
    Zone 2: Grimshaw / Berwyn / M.D. of Peace #135
  • Brenda Kerr
    Zone 3: Manning / M.D. of Northern Lights #22
  • Ray Skrepnek
    Zone 4: Fairview / M.D. of Fairview #136
  • Hazel Reintjes
    Zone 5: Hines Creek / M.D. of Clear Hills #21
In addition to the above, Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

Planning & Services Committee

  • Doug Dallyn
  • Colin Needham
  • Brenda Kerr
  • Dennis Radbourne
  • Harry Vanderklok

Rural Seniors Housing Initiatives Committee

  • Doug Dallyn
  • Colin Needham
  • Brent Reese
  • David Janzen
  • Sandra Eastman